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Interfaith Food Bank  Thumbnail

Interfaith Food Bank

Van Hulzen Financial Advisors has a long-standing partnership with the communities of Amador Co. and with the Interfaith Food Bank of Amador.  Several times a year, our teammates volunteer to pack food boxes for distribution to community members in need and going above and beyond to make sure each box is packed with desired supplies. We are proud of our team members and families who continue to participate in their spare time to be sure the community and its members are cared for. https://feedamador.org/

Our team was happy to help distribute meals for families in the Sacramento community during Thanksgiving 2021.

Our team always enjoys the chance to work alongside the Amador Interfaith Foodbank and collect donations from local grocery stores. 

When you “stock up” at the grocery store, you can greatly impact many people in need by adding in an extra can or donating a box or bag of groceries! Don’t need the BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE? Give it to the Food Bank! If you are planning to drop off a food donation, call your neighbors to see if they might have anything to contribute and offer to drop off their donations also! Giving is contagious!