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Market Overview | April 2023 Thumbnail

Market Overview | April 2023

It has been 16 months since the stock market peaked and 13 months since the first rate hike by the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500's most recent low came in October 2022, down approximately 27% from the peak. The Fed continues to raise rates in their fight against inflation, and stocks have shrugged off several events, including a bank run, and have staged a partial rally over the last six months. While no one can know with certainty whether the October low will prove to be the bottom of this market cycle, there are a few things that we can know with a high level of conviction.

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How to Ride the Bear Thumbnail

How to Ride the Bear

The US stock market index, also known as the S&P 500, has dropped by 25% since its highs in November 2021. US bonds have also posted large losses this year, marking the worst year on record for some bond indexes. As investors well know, these declines have resulted in some rather large reductions in portfolio values. Price declines are hard on investor psychology. Even though we know that bear markets are a normal part of long term investing, they are not fun. It can be tempting to run away or sell. But if we use rational thinking and strategic planning, we can actually take advantage of them and improve returns in future years. To do this, we need both perspective and time-tested approaches.

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Perspectives - Midway into the Current Down Cycle Thumbnail

Perspectives - Midway into the Current Down Cycle

We are in the midst of a difficult and complex cycle. Inflation is rising and asset values are falling. We can’t know how long it will last. But it’s important to realize that difficult and complex cycles in the past have ended with the cooling of inflation and price recovery for assets. So while today’s climate does warrant awareness and caution, we can also look for opportunity on the horizon.

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Market Update | May 2022 Thumbnail

Market Update | May 2022

Almost halfway through 2022, we’ve seen significant losses in both stocks and bonds. As of May 13th, global stocks were down 16% and global bonds were down 12%. Higher interest rates, the war in Ukraine, and persistent inflation have left very few asset classes safe from the sell-off, and while bonds typically provide stability when equities are down, a benchmark 60/40 stock-bond portfolio is down over 14% year-to-date.

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